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Table of Contents

  1. We use mobile phones when out off-roading, what can having a CB do for us?
  2. How far away can I speak to my friends?
  3. Do I need to speak in silly codes and slang?
  4. How many people use CB?
  5. Can I use a handheld CB?
  6. Can I use CB for base-to-vehicle communication?
  7. Where can I find out more information?

We use mobile phones when out off-roading, what can having a CB do for us?

Having a mobile phone is great for speaking to someone else privately, but with a CB, if there is a group of you all on the same channel, you can all hear what's going on at the same time. This is great as it saves you a bomb on phone calls. It would not be very practical either phoning up your friend behind you and saying 'watch out for that deep rut' etc, but with a CB, any quick comment that is said once, can be heard by everyone on the channel in range.

Also with this advantage is its much easier for information to be shared around in your group, and you will be able to communicate to other people around the off-road course, telling them what's ahead etc.

Another problem with using a mobile phone all the time is the network coverage, especially when you are off roading in the middle of a woods etc and you cannot rely on getting a signal everywhere you go!

Using CB radio makes it more fun as well, I don't know why, but it does. Chatting away on a CB radio instead of a mobile is 1000 times better.

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How far away can I speak to my friends?

The answer everyone is waiting for! Well, the range of a CB is dependant on what is between you, and the personal you want to speak to. The kind of twig you use as well makes a huge amount of difference in how far you can reach. For example, with a twig like 'The Springer', it is a flexible long aerial, and you might be able to reach 4-6 miles in the open terrain, and 2-4 miles in woodland.

It also depends on if you are on a hill or down in a valley. Valleys and undulating hills may reduce the range, where as on top of a hill you may be able to speak to people up to 30 - 40 miles away or more!

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Do I need to speak in silly codes and slang?

The answer? No.

Almost every Breaker (Fellow CBer) will speak in plain English. There's no real reason why you need to speak in codes to your friends that you know anyway.

However, some people still use codes in the middle of speaking normal. You might hear something like 10-4 which means message received. But you can find all theses here.

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How many people use CB?

Not as many as in the 80's!! In the 80's nearly everyone had a CB and it would be hard to even find a free channel! But now you can find a free channel quite easily.

Last September 2005 there were 16,475 licensed CB users in the UK which is pretty good. But I want to get as many people as possible back onto CB, as it is so much fun and cheaper than it is with everyone buying mobile phones all the time.

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Can I use a handheld CB?

Of course you can! Having a handheld CB as well as an in car CB is very useful, especially when you are out the vehicle and you need communication back to the vehicle for winching etc.

However, when using a handheld, the bodywork of a metal vehicle acts like a shield and reduces the signal down to about 50 yards!!! But luckily, you can use the handheld units with a conventional aerial outside the vehicle which will transmit and receive the same amount as it would with a normal CB. You can do this by plugging the aerial into the top of the handheld via an adaptor, or by using a battery eliminator which will give you a cigarette plug connection as well allowing you to power your handheld, and also allow you to plug in the aerial.

You can also buy a load of accessories for the handhelds, such as earphones and headsets, clip on mic's with built in speakers, and many other accessories to make your life much easier.

However you may find that using a handheld CB inside a car is not as convenient as using a vehicle fitted CB.

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Can I use CB for base-to-vehicle communication?

Of course. Using a base aerial can give you on average a range of 10-15 miles which can be good in many different ways. Loads of farms use base-to-vehicle communication when they are out on the fields, to prevent themselves from boredom, and also for safety.

Landscape and gardening contractors, taxi firms, and any other company that needs a lot of communication also benefits from CB radio. But don't forget, CB radio will never be private, their could always be someone listening to your conversation.

Base-to-vehicle communication is also useful for friends who want to keep in contact.

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Where can I find out more information?

If you would like to know more information, you can contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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