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About me

Hi, my name is Ashley Hopper and this is my website! I am 17 years old and live in a village named Aylesham which is half way between Canterbury and Dover, Kent. I am also a beginner to CB Radio which is why I made this website, to help other beginners.

My first and current CB Radio is a Team me-4 with a Thunderpole mini orbitor twig. I am hoping to set up a base station so I can sit indoors and play. The problem is, I am only just 17 and doing driving lessons so I have to sit outside in my dads van and play. I cant wait though until I can drive!

What do I do in my spare time? Well, I help my dad do mobile discos on weekend nights which is great fun (lots of girls as well !). I also go to town on Saturdays with my friends and we have a great laugh. I also am on Aylesham Carnival Association and also help marshal at carnivals, which is where CB's would come in handy!

Currently I am not working but I am trying to get an apprenticeship doing mechanics. I sent out 25 letters and only got 4 replies which all say 'sorry we are not taking on any apprentices at this time' grr how annoying it is ! If I don't find one soon, I will do something like landscaping, or when I'm old enough, lorry driving then I can sit on a CB all day long.

Well theres some information about me. I will keep this page updated and add more information soon.


Ashley Hopper

P.S: This isn't really me !! A picture of me is below.




This is a Team ME-4